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Fire Investigation

How do you improve or update your fire safety policy following an incident?

In most cases where there has been a significant fire or where a criminal activity is thought to be involved in the cause, the Fire and Rescue Service (F&RS) will allocate a Fire Investigator to the incident. Following this investigation, the F&RS may issue evidence and facts. Alternatively, where the F&RS do not decide to carry out a full investigation, there may be underlying facts which may be used to review your Fire Risk Management Policies.

We are able to review these findings and integrate these lessons learned within your Fire Risk Management Policies by taking the following proactive approaches to ensure a consistent and high quality service is delivered:

  • Collation and protection of the evidence/facts
  • Careful and detailed analysis of the evidence/facts
  • Determine conclusions on cause & origin
  • Provision of reliable testimony

Responsible organisations allow our qualified Fire Investigators to respond to your Fire Safety related questions, because we give you:

  • Expertise: you will get the key facts direct from our quality consultants, by providing suitable evidence where available and remedial solutions to improve your Fire Safety.
  • Impartial advice: We can offer a totally impartial service because we are focused on delivering to your specific needs.
  • Reassurance: Our consultants, who have been serving members of the Fire and Rescue Service, will maintain their expertise and experience in Fire Investigations, where businesses and lives have been put at risk from fire.

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