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Fire Engineering

What is fire engineering?

Fire engineering is where consultation takes place in the planning stages before any potential building works commence. Many design teams and clients will appoint a fire safety consultants to ensure that a development project meets the functional requirements of Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations through the development of an alternative fire safety engineering approach.

Do existing buildings have fire safety in mind?

Most modern buildings are now designed with an element of Fire Engineering and may require increased levels of fire risk management.

Sadly many Building Control Bodies are not enforcing Regulation 38, which requires that; “The person carrying out the work shall give fire safety information to the responsible person, not later than the date of completion of the work, or the date of occupation whichever is earlier”.

MG Fire Safety Consultants provide fire consultancy services

Our scope of services extends from concept design, feasibility studies, through to detailed design, tender documentation and onsite inspection and functional testing. These stages can reduce approval risk and unnecessary delay by increasing design certainty from the outset. Having undertaken a preliminary review of the scope of works, we will be able to identify the life safety and business continuity risks and those design opportunities. Co-ordination with design teams is a key priority to negotiating with approving authorities for design freeze approval.

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