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Fire Consultancy

Delivering Prevention and Protection to Reduce Your Life Safety and Business Risks

MG Fire Safety Consultants get asked a range of questions regarding fire safety and other related issues. This is why we are happy to offer fire consultancy services to businesses, both large and small. We have worked with large multinationals and small traders alike , offering our expertise to help you be able to operate safely and in compliance with legislation. Every business will have a variety of questions relating to their fire safety issues, such as:

  • The Fire Service has informed us of a forthcoming Fire Safety Audit, I am worried that we may not have everything in place, what should I do?
  • We don’t have a Fire Risk Assessment, who would be able to advise us?
  • Our Fire Alarm System keeps activating and our building occupiers are becoming complacent, what should we do?
  • What are the key Aims and Objectives of suitable and sufficient Fire Safety staff training?
  • Following a Fire Service Safety Audit we have been served Enforcement Procedures by the Fire and Rescue Service, What do we have to do now?
  • What should be written into our Fire Safety Management Policy?
  • Who can help us with our Business Continuity Plan in relation to an internal or external fire?
  • We would like to exercise our Emergency Response Plan on a “no notice” basis, who would be able to organise, activate the plan and evaluate our response and provide impartial advice on those necessary improvements?
  • We have had a fire and the Fire and Rescue Service have indicated what the cause was but how can we reduce the risk of any re-occurrence?

Responsible organisations allow our consultants to respond to their Fire Safety related questions, because we give you:

  • Expertise: you will get the key facts direct from our quality consultants, by providing a number of remedial solutions.
  • Impartial advice: We can offer a totally impartial service because we are focused on delivering to your specific needs.
  • Reassurance: Our consultants, who have been serving members of the Fire and Rescue Service, will maintain their expertise and experience in emergency response planning, where businesses are at risk from fire.

If you need high quality consultants that provide independent advice on your fire risk, please call us today on 07795 432 976 for a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of your needs.