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Buisness Continuity

Plan for future disruption with a continuity plan

Every business is at risk of disruption from a variety of threats, as well as Fire. Some 80% of businesses, who don’t have a plan are hit by a major incident and either never re-open or close within 18 months. Almost 1 in 5 businesses suffer disruption every year from an uncontrolled threat.

What would happen if your business, organisation or association was involved in an emergency or disaster?

Business continuity provides a planned response – combined with effective measures to reduce an interruption and minimise losses. Without effective business planning, an internal or external disruption could result in:

  • A complete failure to your business.
  • Loss of reputation and/or loss of customers.
  • Financial, legal and regulatory penalties.
  • Human resource issues.
  • An impact on insurance premiums.

If you do not have a Business Continuity Plan, we recommend that you consider completing the Free 10 minute assessment survey. This will help you prepare for an emergency that may disrupt your business or organisation. A Business Continuity Plan is also seen as a way of improving resilience within the Community. The responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 require local authorities to promote Business Continuity to Businesses and the Voluntary Sector.

How can MG fire Safety Consultants help with this problem?

Responsible organisations allow our consultants to review their Business Continuity Plan for Fire Safety Management shortfalls in preparedness, because we give you:

  • Expertise: you will get the key facts direct from our quality consultants, by the production of a robust Business Continuity Plan report, which will include an Executive Summary of those significant findings.
  • Impartial advice: We can offer a totally impartial service because we are focused on delivering to your specific needs.
  • Reassurance: Our consultants, who have been serving members of the Fire and Rescue Service, will maintain their expertise and experience in emergency response planning, where businesses are at risk from fire.

Let the specialists help you prepare your business continuity planning. Call us now on 07795 432 976 for a free consultation